25 Aug 2012

metallic solar panel homeThe amount of solar heat that is falling on roofs of our houses is enough to give us energy that we need for our home use.  This energy is enough to provide almost half of the energy required by homes in United States. Scientists have been on the forefront and at last they have been able to make solar panels that will guarantee cheaper solar energy. These less expensive solar panels apply shingles that tap energy from the sun and thereafter convert it to electricity.

The good thing about these shingles is that they can be installed as easily just like normal roofing material. This is new world solar energy equipment that can easily be made from material that is abundantly found on earth. The material can easily be integrated into voltaic material which used to design normal solar panels.

In a symposium that mainly focused on sustainable energy, scientists reported that a 10n year research has revealed that solar panels could be designed from simple materials. Sustainability has mainly to do with coming up with energy sources that are not easily depleted and that is what they have exactly been doing. The new solar equipment mainly uses cheap and abundant material Zinc and Copper.

Rare Earth elements are not used in the making of the solar panel and thus easier to make and will be sold to consumers at a cheaper prize. The Shingle generates electricity in an easier way and therefore cheap because installation process takes a very simple step to incorporate it into the roofing system. It is estimated that the United States alone has about 69 billion square feet of roof tops that could utilized to generate electricity for use with these shingles. Scientists believe that 50% of the country’s energy requirements from just using these shingles.