18 Aug 2012

Here in our own city of Los Angeles CA, many people have looked at summer heat as devastating and one that might not have that much use.  Heating water for your home is the best way that you can be able to put the heat from the sun to use. In addition to that, there are no lots of cost that are incurred because the solar water heater can be made in the simplest way possible.

All that you need to have is glass, wood and copper material of high quality. The main purpose of these materials is to come up with a solar energy collector that is efficient and enough to collect energy and heat water in your home. The cost of material is quite low and assembling the solar heater is simple than you can imagine. There are several things that have been put together to ensure that this new equipment utilizes simple technology to save you a lot of money.

The solar water heater has a size of 34 by 90 inch collector and has an outside frame that is aimed for its protection, in case of abrupt shocks. The copper piece of the solar has been welded together to ensure that it remains strong and long lasting. Therefore, the capacity of the copper metal is tighter to absorb more heat from the sun, because the manifolds of the solar heater have been tightly made.

In addition, the solar water heater has been painted black to ensure that there is maximum absorption of heat from the sun. The heater has the capacity to heat about 60 gallons of water each hour depending on the climate where it has been put to use. To add to all of the above, the amount of water that is heated by this solar heater is enough for any given home while energy bills are kept down all through. For more information on the performance of this water heater, please feel free to contact us.