25 Sep 2012

The solar technology market has been taking long to be adopted in the energy market despite all advantages that it has to offer. Researchers at the RTI International have been able to come up with new technologies that might make the market more attractive to consumers. Designers have developed a solar cell that is formed from semiconductors with power conversion that is advantageous over traditional solar cells. Solar energy is renewal and carbon neutral and its adoption might mean that the globe is headed in the right direction.

The high cost of the photovoltaic elements that are used in the manufacture of these solar cells is what is slowing down the spread of these elements. However, there is a new move by this to ensure that the solar equipment has been generated from cheap material that is readily available in most parts of the country.

Solar energy currently represents almost 1% of the global energy supply despite the fact that this can be increased. The RTI has been on the move to ensure that this equipment is readily available at a cost that is lower. This is because the technology   addresses some of the major cost problems that have been faced for a while in many parts of the country. Cells that are used in this solar panel have shown a consistent energy efficiency rate of about 5% each time it was tested.

There are many ways that technology will be applied in future to make the equipment even more efficient in terms of energy conversion. Lightweight, flexible layers that have the potential to be manufactured in large volumes and this will ensure that the roll to roll processing guarantees consumers of many of this equipment. The future of solar energy is bright and it is bound to overtake all other forms of renewable energy.