23 May 2011

Reasons behind seeking a professional electrician in installing the light switch wiring?

In a house or building, one of the most important parts of its construction is to setup its electrical wiring.  This installation would include the setting up of the lights wiring. One has to be aware that in this task, it is important that its installation should be precise and is based on its technical plan.  Though anyone can do this task, the risks involved in this installation are not to be taken for granted especially when the person installing it does not have sufficient knowledge or the safety measures and the critical technical factors.  Hence, to ensure the safety of the structure as well as the people within the structure, it is advisable to seek professional help from a licensed electrician.

Nowadays, the light switches have become more complicated unlike the usual flip on or off.  Thus, the mechanics of light switch wiring too has evolved.  To better understand the changes that the light switches have undergone, here are some of the different types:

  • Wide-range dimming light switch

This switch has an additional feature that has a full-range dimming, a delayed fade from “on” to “off”, as well as a switch that recalls the pre-set range settings.

  • Auto on and off light switch

This type of switch detects when a person comes in.  It will automatically turn on and off depending if the person enters or exits the room

  • Centralized programmable lighting control light switch

A programmable switch that automatically turns on and off depending on the set time.

  • Hand-held, infrared, wireless remote control light switch

This switch can turn the lights on and off using a remote control.

  • Single pole light switch

It is the simplest form of which that is toggled up and down to turn the lights on and off.

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