14 Aug 2012

coolerado airEvery homeowner is concerned on how best he or she can maintain a comfortable living room with air conditioners that are more efficient and energy conserving. This is to mean that selecting an appropriate air conditioner for most homeowners is a critical decision. We at United as professional Los Angeles electricians and air conditioning specialist recommend Coolerado air conditioners because they offer the best solutions for air conditioning your living room while at the same time saving you a lot of energy.

The technology that was applied when making this air conditioner makes it to use 90% less energy used by a standard air conditioner making it one of the most efficient air conditioning machines on the planet. The other additional advantage that this air conditioning machine has is that it doesn’t use chemical coolants and therefore no side effects are associated with it. The carbon footprint released from the machine is quite low and the quality of air in your living room is set to increase in case you decide to settle on this air conditioner.

Coolerado air conditioner is the most efficient and environment friendly equipment of its kind. The low energy use of the air conditioner translates to an equipment that is low on carbon emissions meaning that it can help in controlling global warming by an imaginable percentage. The conditioner has an efficiency ratio of about 40 meaning that it is rated higher than other conditioners by about 26.

You are also set to improve health by purchasing this air conditioner because the air that you breathe after conditioning is filtered, fresh and very clean. This ensures that you are not exposed to dangers that are associated with breathing in dirty air.  The outside air is filtered and cooled so that you can enjoy it while having no stress of high electricity bills. Reach us for more information on how best you can acquire and use Coolerado air conditioners and start saving money today.

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