30 Jul 2012

Why can the commercial three phase power transcend over single phase power?

Perhaps the most common and popular method of electrical power is a three phase.  It is type of polyphase system used to power motors and other large equipment.  Conceptualized by Nikola Tesla, it transcends what a single phase can do.  Thus, it is the most preferable power source.  However, obtaining it is very costly thus; only single phase is being supplied in homes and businesses.  So in order to have access to such system, a commercial three phase is being installed in you electrical system.  Moreover, attaining such three phase may require the professional consultation and installation of an electrical contractor.

To better appreciate how a commercial three phase can make a difference compared to a single phase, here are the different benefits:

  • It is 15% more efficient than single phase in the same power range:

In a cycle, a three phase never drops to zero unlike with single phase that falls zero thrice.  Moreover, the power delivered to the load is constant.  Thus for most motors to run properly, they require this kind of balance load.

  • It is a more efficient mean of power supply to large electrical load.

Its conductors are 75% the size of a single phase for the same power output.  To add to that, it has three conductors with contrast to single phase that uses only two.

  • It is cost efficient and smaller than a single phase motor of the same voltage and rating.

When running 5-10kVA, components that can manage the 15-20 amps per phase is much easier to find rather than a single phase that handles 50 amps.  To add to that, when it exceeds 20-25 amps, you may require more components to manage it.

In order to ensure that you will get the right commercial three phase for your electrical system, consult to the most trusted and outstanding electrical contractors at United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric.  Their over 40 years of outstanding professional electrical services, ensures safety and standards in delivering your electrical needs, as well as, installing it to your home or business.

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