15 Sep 2012

Stockholm environment Institute has been able to develop the LEAP software. This is a long range energy alternatives planning software that might become the most widely used for energy policy formulation. It can also be put to use when analyzing whether the energy policy that is in use and mitigation of climate change. The software has been adopted by over 500 organizations in over 150 countries throughout the world.

Many user of this software are government agencies and other consulting companies. The software has been put to use in different capacities ranging from cities to states, regional and global level. When it comes to undertaking integrated resource planning and also ensuring that greenhouse gas emission has been reduced. The United Nations announced that many agencies around the world have agreed to adopt this software as part of their effort to ensure that they track energy usage in these areas.

Integrated planning is one of the efforts that the LEAP software can be applied to do. LEAP has an integrated modeling capacity that can be utilized in tracking energy consumption and its production. The good thing about this software is that it can be used to account for both energy and non-energy sectors. In addition to tracking the rate of greenhouse gas emission, the software can be utilized to ensure that local and regional pollutants in areas that they are being used.

The software is also very flexible and easy to use because of the reputation that it has been developed with. It is usable with a wide range of expertise and also ensures that leading to global expertise are able to build capacity for young analysts who have embarked on the challenge of ensuring that the complexity of the energy system. The modeling methodology that has been applied in the design of this system applies the latest in programming technology.

Source: United Electricians Los Angeles