21 Sep 2012

Research shows that Americans and especially the ones living in Los Angeles CA have ignored the whole debate of energy conservation for nearly two decades now.  They have taken for granted instantaneous and reasonably priced energy for about two generations at the moment.  They are mostly used to the notion that you need to turn the switch on and the light will go on and the likes of activities that follow.

The world war II rationing and the crisis that affected the United States in the 1970s are some of the challenges that the nation faced. Petroleum consumption has been on the increase over the past 30 years by about 42% but its supply has only been able to increase by 8%. The end result has been an increased level of fuel price that characterize the world. It is therefore important that the United States needs to adopt a culture or lifestyle of energy conservation.

Although it seems that the increased energy production in many parts of the country and Los Angeles California might be the best way of ensuring that energy costs have been offset, experts argue that this might not be able to happen any soon from now because of some reasons. Many Americans have been waiting for politicians to find long lasting solutions to problems that are facing the nation in terms of its energy demands.

The cost of energy is ever increasing and this seems to be causing so may ripples in the government. It can be argued that these are effects of lack of proper planning that ensures that there is a reliable energy system that is able to deal with energy demands of the country. Family energy conservation plans are the best way of dealing with the problem of high energy costs that are hitting the nation. It is true that future is bright for the United States and the rest of the world as new discoveries are being made to ensure energy conservation.