21 Sep 2012

Best California Wind Farms The quest for renewable sources of energy is gaining momentum and as a result of this, wind energy has not been left behind. Wind farms in Los Angeles California have broken a world record by providing over four gigawatts of energy that was fed to the national grid.

This energy is enough to heat more than 3 million homes in the United States together with lighting them. A 3.8GW record that was set by a wind farm in the United Kingdom in May 2012 has been beaten by this farm in California. Other winds turbines are being installed in the region to ensure that there is even more energy in future. Before this happened, wind turbines were supplying about 10.8% of the total energy that was fed into the national grid.

Local electricity networks were also gaining a lot of energy from the national grid for local consumptions.

This record shows that wind energy has the capacity to cater for energy needs in the United States. The supply from the source is secure and at the same time very reliable. Clean electricity is a basic necessity for many homes in the United States today and as a result of this, wind power might be the only option to ensuring that this dream has been realized. The need to import expensive fossil energy fuels from abroad is decreasing and due to this fact, the increased energy capacity in the United States is a requirement that people be able to adopt wind energy.

The campaign to drive many electricity bills down in United States homes can only achieve tremendous progress if wind energy is harnessed properly and people are ready to embrace it. Critics may argue that this energy capacity compared to US largest coal and biomass stations that generates such amount on its own is too small; the main focus should be on how to ensure that the energy debate is taking the greener direction.