31 Oct 2012

Clogged drains at home are the most annoying issues that bother both home owners and businesses. There are several reasons why your bathroom drains might get blocked. The problem remains unresolved as only the immediate symptoms are taken care of and not the original cause. So, let’s have a look at some of the common causes of blocked drainage system at your home or office.

External Objects or Fragments

External objects such as fragments of soap cluster of hair, fats, or food might get stuck in the pipes and drainpipes run below. Initially, it might not bother you. However, with the passage of time, these foreign materials start accumulating and remains stuck in the drainage system. A time will come when these fragments will completely block the smooth flow of water. And what is the result? You will have a bathroom flooding with dirty water.

Toilets get clogged when too much of toilet paper, nappies and other sanitary items are flushed down them. If your toilet gets clocked due to such reasons, call an experienced plumber immediately.

Wrong Installation of Pipes

With people resorting to DIY home makeover or repairs, instances of wrong installation of bathroom pipes have become very common. Remember that washroom pipes might get completely misaligned or stop functioning if installed erroneously. Therefore, opting for the right type of pipes is a necessity for any plumbing job. For this, you need to have a proper understanding of the pipe that you will need to install in your bathroom or toilet.

Installing wrong varieties will not create hazards but also add to your expenses if neighbour’s property is damaged. So, be cautious.

Pipes that are Broken  

This is the most common cause. If pipes are broken, the water will stop flowing and the entire drainage system will collapse. And it will result in the blockage of drains. Ask your plumber to do a meticulous examination of all underground pipes to get to the root of this problem. Repairing underground drainage can be both expensive and challenging. Therefore, you need the right plumber for the purpose.

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