01 Nov 2012

Everything will appear dark if there is no electricity. Modern civilization will tall chimneys, IT services and monorails can not be imagined without electricity.  Research has proven that there are two kinds of electricity –clean and the dirty one. Researchers  consider the clean electricity as the safer one as in clean electricity there is a smooth sine wave .

Dirty electricity on the other hand is more about creating electromagnetic pollution that mainly contaminates the electrical supply.  This can come from any source  like that of a neighbors electric appliance that can transmit to you through the shared transformer or through the grounding problems.

The maximum amount of the dirty electricity is created by electrical appliances that are in our own home. Most of the energy sufficient appliances like CFL bulbs and computers generate high level of harmonics of high frequency called as transients .

This relay occurs when transformers and supplies  of the power transform the AC current into low voltage power  that can be used to run all the electronics.  These transients are very dangerous as they form a type of radio wave which is strong enough to cause several health implications.

The dirty electricity can cause several neurological problems like headaches, difficulty in concentrating, depression,  muscle spasms , joint pains, anxiety, weakness and even stroke. Prolonged exposure to dirty electricity can also result in paralysis in some extreme cases.

So it is very important to get rid of this type of dirty electricity and this can be achieved by reducing our exposure to high frequencies. To do this you should first stop the usage of any such device like those used in repelling rodents and mosquitoes by  high frequency emission. Also it is best to recharge your laptops when you are not using them as during recharge they emit a large amount of dirty electricity.