02 Sep 2012

The Bath Decorated In Color

“The color is a process that directly affects the soul” – By V. Kandinski

Water is wealth, which is beneficial and its influence is not limited to the body – it is proven that it affects the mind as well. Entering the bathroom, everyone expects to enjoy a pleasurable experience, and it is no secret.

In response to these expectations, companies producing equipment and bathroom furniture are increasingly beginning to visualize the bathroom as an area for entertainment and overall relaxation place. Striving for perfection is an ambitious challenge and wonderful collections of Italian company BluBlue.

They are strong evidence for effective work in this direction of making bathroom furniture that will literally take your breath away and make you enjoy every moment spent in that bathroom. Their new collection tubs are more than just a means of hygiene and relaxation.

Interpreting the words of Kandinsky, those who put color in the center of their conceptual art, they put the color in the center of perceptions in the bathroom. These collections are designed for those who want to express their personality through color and to transfer experiences in the bathroom of a new, even higher level. Bath panels are manufactured in an incredible variety of colors and materials like wood, leather and metal. The Colors Yellow, red, black, blue, gold, bronze, copper – are just some of the suggestions that make these tubs look dazzling.

The design of the bathroom tubs by BluBleu, extract maximum benefit from the contrast between the futuristic purity of the lines and the presence of unusual materials. The force of the water seems to be restrained by a unique and spectacular encirclement of fabric panels. Bath tubs become the center of the small universe “bath”, and the atmosphere in the room is full of positivity, the mood rises rapidly and the good feelings and pleasure of the moments of relaxation peak!

Source: United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric