05 Sep 2012

efficient home lightingThe department of energy recently announced that about 10% of energy usage in your home is directed towards lighting. The solution that they have proposed for this kind of scenario is replacing bulbs in your home with ones that are energy efficient. This can be a first step in ensuring that you save about 75% on energy usage at a lower cost.

The first thing that you need to do however is ensuring that you save more on energy usage by applying different techniques that will be able to save a lot of energy. Ensure that the shades and curtains in your living room have been properly been designed and they give you the most lighting. It is recommended that you use windows that apply more summer light and less heat when building in order to make this a success. The need for artificial daily lighting is reduced by the fact that you are making using of these windows.

The other thing that you need to do in order to save more energy on your lighting is ensuring that you use fluorescent tubes on fixtures that might be staying for more than eight hours. This is the most magnificent way of ensuring that you save more on energy on lighting and even if you move out, then those who come in will be able to continue using these fixtures that you placed in the house.

Controlling the rate at which you use electricity in your home is also another way of ensuring that you save on energy. Dimmers are important because they ensure that you save more on energy especially when you don’t want to use bright lights. Occupancy sensors are also good because they are able to detect when you are in the house so as to note whether or not to be bright or deem.