26 Oct 2012

In cities like Los Angeles where temperature soars from the months of April, it becomes impossible to bear an oppressive hot and humid weather. In such a situation, you look out for an air conditioning system that helps you relax in your home or office. There is numerous considerations while choosing an AC. It is the price, energy efficiency, and the capacity of the cooler to cool your room.

First check the EER or Energy Efficient Ratio. This will tell you how good the AC is respect of saving power or energy. Air conditioners come with ratings. The greater the rating, more energy efficient it will be. If the cooling machine has a rating of 9.7 or 10.7, then it will be eligible as an energy saving product. Saving energy is beneficial from two aspects. First, it will save your utility bills and secondly, it will help our environment.

A good machine is one that functions quietly. The store you are buying from should allow you to test the product. If this facility is not provided, check sources such as consumer reports or forums. Look for ratings as to how a specific brand of AC performed in terms of noise creation.

Next important aspect to consider is to check how well the machine is cooling your room. During installation, check whether the room is sufficiently cooled after switching the AC. It should cool the room within 10 minutes. If not, the product is not good or your room is too large for the machine. It is for this reason you should ascertain about the ton capacity of the product.

Finally, opt for a product that suits your wallet. That’s because some ACs can be pretty expensive. Therefore, it is important to know the specifications.

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