31 Oct 2012

It is very important to estimate the amount of power our electric appliances are consuming to look for the way by which we can save a considerable amount in paying monthly electric bills.

Everyone is just too eager to save electricity either by making the home more airy by improving the natural cross ventilation  or  by sealing the ducts so that the air-conditioner does not have to work too hard and too long to make the room a chilled one .There are a number of ways by which an estimation can be made easily.

Always check the wattage rating of the appliance during the course of its use. It is better to read the manual for getting an insight of the fact that what amount of electricity they are consuming.

If the appliance use more electricity than it is better to use it only when there is absolutely required  and better always unplug it from the main socket.  To get an accurate estimation, multiply the wattage printed on the back of the appliance or on its power cord with the number of hours you use it in seconds. Thus you will get the energy consumption in its totality.

It is also very important to know about the stand by power consumed by the appliance. There are many online tables existing in web pages related to energy saving appliances  that can give you knowledge about the average stand by powers existing in a diverse range of appliances.

It is wise to multiply the obtained figure by the total amount of time you make them idle while connecting to the socket through a wire or cable. It is always a wise idea to buy the electric appliances that have the energy star label. Today, there are many star label products ranging from washing machines to air conditioners .