23 Nov 2012

No one can deny the popularity of solar power. It is gaining popularity every day.  The reason behind it is the cost effectiveness. It is also eco-friendly and doesn’t pollute the environment like other sources such as oil. Even governments of many nations are considering this source of energy. Before installing solar panels in your home, it is important to know whether your house is suitable for such installation. Let’s read this article to find out what are the factors that make installation possible in your home.

The first essential factor is the geographical location. Where your house is situated plays a crucial role. You know that solar power completely depends on bright sunlight. This implies solar panels should be installed in the right places to trap energy from the sun. This shows that these panels or equipment work best in regions that witness bright and lengthy sunny days.

Regions that experience a lot of rainfall are not suitable for solar panels. Even misty, cloudy and foggy weather is not ideal for the functioning of solar energy equipment. Even if advanced panels are purchased, it might cost you heavily. Even areas that face strong winds are not perfect for the installation of such implements.

How much energy your home will use also matters. Different households differ when it comes to energy usage. The initial investment being high, it is not feasible for one to install expensive equipment if the power consumption is too much for the solar panels.  The power that is generated after the installation, if not sufficient will not solve a homeowner’s problems. The same rule applies for commercial premises. If the power consumption is very high, then it’s better to opt for some other sources of energy. In such a case you have to depend on your local power supplier for electricity.