24 Aug 2012

You may not know, but in addition to cars and robots, Honda develops and sells quite a range of lawnmowers. Honda’s newest product is called Miimo, which brings all the categories together. The mower will be sold in two models – Miimo 300 and Miimo 500. The difference between them is in the space, which each one would be able to mow without the need to recharge the internal lithium ion battery. The larger model will be able to align 3,000 sq. meter (32,291 sq. feet) grass before the battery runs down. In addition, when the battery runs down, there is no need to chase the mower down, it will return to its station for recharge.

Miimo has several sensors with the help of it which will be guided. The user will have to put a special wire to a fence the area where the mower will do the job. Through it the robot will know to what extent it needs to mow the land. The wire could be dug in the ground, says Honda. The widget can climb light hills and can even slow down as it goes. This will ensure efficient lawn mowing whatever the terrain.

Miimo will wander around the yard in random routes. It will average hair grass 0.10 inches of each passage and maintain its level equal to within 0.8 to 2.35 inches according to the owners’ different desire. According to Honda, thus the vegetation is not hurt and will be maintained in good condition. Robot mower will do everything by itself; including the release of “work” reload orientation around the yard and etc.

The device has its defenses. When lifted from the ground, it automatically stops and shuts off. To continue working, you will need to enter the PIN code, which will be known only by the owner. Miimo will be built at Honda’s plant in France. The robot will be released in Europe early 2013, but the company has not disclosed its price yet.