04 Aug 2012

Solar-water-heaterHeat your water at high pressure with this solar heater that has an electric back up so that you are guaranteed of hot water at any given time. The solar heater is designed with the use of latest solar technology so that you can be able to heat your water at higher pressure and very fast. The heater comes with a highly efficient absorber of up to 50% in summer and 45% in winter thus making it useful all year round.

Water is heated up very fast in one direction and the heat transferred to a tank for purposes of storage. It can be connected directly with home water and can withstand pressure of up to 6 bars high. It has a highly efficient insulation coating of polyurethane and an anti-freezing capability of up to -35 degrees Celsius under normal pool conditions.

The water heater has high anti-corrosion steel tank with an auto welding and thickness of 1.2mm that accompanies it. The outer face of the tank is made up of color steel that has been painted with a corrosion layer and insulated with polyurethane. Its water collectors are connected to the heat pipe vacuum that has a high selective coating on it. Its installation angle is between 15 degrees and 90 degrees and has a working pressure of about 0.6Mpa.

Its brackets are made up of hot galvanized steel that is about 1.5mm thick. The heater also comes with an electric back up system that keeps you going in case there is no enough solar energy to heat your water. Its efficiency remains unbeatable in the market. The heater is deliverable upon order and installation is done at no extra cost. Feel free to reach us in case you need more information or have any question regarding this equipment.