27 Sep 2012

Imagine yourself in your room sitting on the bed. You turn on the television and the weather report comes on. Marcie the weather girl says, “IT’S GONNA BE HOT! Expect 100 degree weather folks.” You sigh looking out the window. Then you actually look at the window and think, “It’s time to put up that A/C unit.”

A/C units are a godsend. Think about it. How many people die of heat exhaustion each year? Or how many senior citizens have been found passed out trapped in their homes? A simple A/C unit could have prevented that. Babies and toddlers die each year during the summer after being left in closed vehicles. Simple air circulation and cooling would have prevented all those deaths.

A/C units are not hard to install depending on size, especially when you have experts like United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric at your service. Many just need to be plugged in and adjusted with the button options on the front. Nowadays A/C units are very affordable. You can purchase one at your local retail store for as little as just few dollars. There should be no excuse for heat exhaustion.

Now you might ask yourself, “If A/C units are so valuable, why are they so affordable for everyone?” Well, to partially answer that question, A/C units are sold by efficiency and noise reduction. Larger units tend to make the most noise. You can also look into environmentally friendly units that are also economical. Air conditioners not only cool your air, but can also heat it! Of course this will be helpful in the chilly winter months. Coinciding with temperature adjustment is filtration.  Filtration can remove lent and dirt that circulates in the air. This is important for us in that it prevents us from breathing in possible airborne bacteria and viruses. In addition, A/C can adjust the humidity (moisture in the air) of the area. The benefits of an A/C units are as clear as day. For more details you can ask our Los Angeles Electrician for further information and installation options.