20 Aug 2012

Is it possible to make a fireplace in ordinary residential Los Angeles home and where exactly?

Most residents of large cities like Los Angeles CA,  yearn to have in your home a place to relax on too warm after a hard day, with book in hand. And how nice to organize a romantic dinner by the fireplace with a cup! But, unfortunately, not every apartment is suitable for this, has its own fireplace.

The most important element is its chimney

The requirement is that every owners answer, should be how to run the chimney through to the roof of the dwelling. Any other options, including removal of smoke through the ventilation system of the house is strictly forbidden, because they represent a health hazard to residents. It is clear that the fireplace can be installed practically on the top floor of each building.

Another thing to check before you start building a fireplace, what load can the floor withstand of the dwelling. The worst option is the wooden structure, as it is difficult to match in our urban environment. Given that it is a house with a wooden structure, then the fireplace may be placed on the first floor.

For residents of prefabricated homes, there are several possible solutions. Theoretically, the top floor can be placed on wood fireplace with a simplified structure. In other cases, it should be limited in a quality smokescreen. This may be a gas fireplace, in which the fire is not supported by wood and a special gas burner fitted with system for automatic control. To prevent forest fires in the empty chamber, the picture is supplemented by artificial wood – “logs” of unburned organic materials. These fires are most suitable for homes with gas heating.

The alternate decision is buying electric fireplace. In this case, the romantic couples, should be prepared that the fireplace being a beautiful picture with amazing currents in their house, will be a costly extra.

The next step is to choose most appropriate location for the future fireplace. Usually it is mounted in the living room beyond the stairs, windows and doors. The best place is the middle of the wall. By choosing the location of the fireplaces they are divided into, embedded – the pilot and the chimney are installed in the wall; Low velocity – the functional part is hidden behind false wall; Island – Are open on all sides, and the pilot is located under the island and the coil tube descends above them; Loose – French type “Poel.”

There is no distinction does not exist, but in framing the fireplace, you should consider the style of furniture.