11 Aug 2012

13ACX air conditionerAir conditioning is becoming a burden to most homeowners because of the burden that they have to bear with lots of energy used in the process. Finding an air conditioner that does not consume a lot of heat from your home can prove to be an uphill task if at all you do not have enough information on which one is the best to choose for your home.

The 13ACX air conditioner is one of its kind that has been designed to ensure that you get going while cutting down the cost of electricity in your home. It has been proved that even in the hottest summer of the year, the 13ACX air conditioner functions properly and can be a real source of comfort for your home during the period. Compared to other systems that have been there before, this system is in such a way that it can be able to use half of electricity that an ordinary air conditioner uses.

The efficiency rating of this air conditioner is 13 SEER which means that it has the capacity to save you hundreds of dollars each year. The conditioner provides an air flow that is very efficient at the same time lowering air resistance which means that you can be able to enjoy services from the conditioner without any worries.

It also has a compressor that is dependable and can assist you save more that you can imagine in its entire lifetime. It comes with its own cabinet that is galvanized and has a long lasting coating that protects it from rusting. It comes with a five year warrant to mean that you cannot be afraid that it will fail along the process. To ensure that you get more of this kind of air conditioners and have your electricity bills cut down, feel free to contact us in case you want the information.