23 Aug 2012

future energyEnergy experts have argued that as a result of civilization, there will be need for a research into alternative sources of energy. This is because the current rate at which fossil energy is being used will result into a crisis that will necessitate change that is effective. Since this is a crisis that is looming, energy companies have begun exploring ways of extracting more energy from renewable sources so as to avoid future inconveniences. The rate of development has been noted to be very slow but the pressure is mounting on governments and other stakeholders to act as fast as possible to avert this.

One of the options that have readily been thought of is the use of common algae to generate biofuel butane for use in many areas. This will ensure that fossil fuel dependency has been highly reduced and people have other alternative sources of energy.

Common sources of energy  that are presently in use have been found to be harmful to our health and also produces high levels of carbon that is harming our environment. The research into ethanol has been initiated with the purpose of ensuring that energy sources that come to force are eco-friendly and reliable to avoid all the hassles. Research that is being conducted at the University of Arkansas is aimed at converting the common algae into a source of energy that is renewable and easy to use. The algae that is being experimented on wholly survives on nitrogen and phosphorus.

The process involves scrapping the algae and thereafter drying it thus converting it into natural sugars. What follows is a fermentation process that lead into formation of the acetic acid that is again converted into an alcohol that  is what is used for the purpose of heating in homes. Although the research is still in progress, early result shows that this might the best option for most future energy needs.