26 Sep 2012

Research has indicated that there is enough wind that can be able to cover for the global energy demands that are being experienced at the moment. Turbines that have been installed in many parts of the country could even generate more if they are installed in a proper way.

Research used both surface and atmospheric wind to be able to carry out a demonstration of how energy can be used to make the best out of it. The study that mainly focused on the geophysical limitations that wind turbines come with found out that there is more that needs to be done if at all this goal has to be achieved.

Technical and economic factors that are hindering the process of achieving more from wind energy which might just be another area that needs more insight into. Turbines have been found to cause resistance to wind which slows down their momentum thus causing reduced conversion rates.

The amount of electric energy that is harnessed increases when the number of turbines is increased but much needs to be done in the same direction to ensure that wind energy powers the nation to its full potential.

Researchers have insisted that the amount of energy that is obtained from wind turbines is likely to go down if the turbines are increased. The sector has the capacity to feed about 400 terawatts of energy to the national grid but if several measures are put in place, this is likely to go up to about 1800 terawatts of energy that could be generated from the atmosphere.

Throughout the world, this has the capacity to generate up to about 20 times the energy amount that is generated by various sources. Lastly, wind energy is environmental friendly because it uses wind from nature and investment together new measures can see all energy requirements being met.