29 Aug 2012

methane energy and electricityHuman beings have depended so much on coal and natural gas power plants to ensure that chemical energy has been converted to electricity in order for use. Researchers reported that they have been able to make a breakthrough into finding ways of converting electricity into fuel through the use of renewable sources of power such as wind and solar.

University of Stanford staff has been able to come up with means of converting electricity to methane. Microbes are used in this process where electricity is converted to methane the abundant constituent of natural gas.  The good news is that methane obtained in this research was tested and found to be carbon neutral thus making it safe for our globe.

The research revealed that there are microbiological ways through which electricity can be converted to methane. In addition, the research revealed that methane was the simplest form of gas that could be generated with structures that are currently available.

The electricity that is put to use comes from natural sources such as wind and solar and thereafter follows a certain process to the end. The process makes use of electricity that would rather have gone to waste in the long run. With the kind of technology that is used in solar and wind power plants, it has been found out that the rate at which electricity is produced is more than what can be stored.

The microbial technology that was recently discovered could be just another way of ensuring that electricity is put to use and not wasted. The process involves electricity being flown through a cathode where it is picked and then metabolized by the microbe. The end product which is released by the microbe is methane which can be tapped and then put to use later. More information about this latest technology can be found by contacting Los Angeles Electrician and we shall be able to get back to you.