14 Aug 2012

fusion electrician los angeles caUnited Los Angeles electricians state that the future of energy is the use of fusion energy for the future increasingly will be talking about it. Quite simple, the process is described as a merger of two atoms and obtains a new, heavier atom. Obviously, this energy source can be stored for millennia without removing harmful byproducts and radioactive waste. However, the equipment needed to initiate the process is extremely complicated.

Many researchers believe is the key to cold fusion, but unfortunately until now there have been no successful attempts to achieve it. As of right now it seems more promising with hot fusion, but the road to this most modern energy source, has to go through many years and billions of investments and  research.

Electricians state that hot fusion is interesting but very difficult physical phenomenon feasible. To succeed merging atoms of certain isotopes of hydrogen, they must first be heated to 100 million degrees Celsius. Under such temperature the hydrogen atoms transform to special, electrically charged particles, known as plasma. In space plasma is very common state of matter, but that is incredibly difficult to reach and manipulate the Earth. The fabrication of plasma is so complex that until now no experiment has restored the energy input to start the reaction.

In Europe, USA and Japan they are working on many projects to improve methods for the manipulation of plasma and increase the energy yield of the process. It is believed that the solution lies in the reactors magnetically limited synthesis, built by “project ITER.” This project is still in development and the commercialization of technology is not expected in the near decade.

Currently pernicious effects of climate change is still underestimated and regulations of proactive energy policies in the early stages. Indeed, there is a steady increase in the use of wind, solar and other renewable sources of energy, but fossil fuels still dominate. At the same time if you take action to increase the share of renewable energy, the benefits can be both the economy and the environment. But while renewables are endless, each one is associated with a variety of environmental, technological and organizational constraints.

The energy from fusion is also, practically inexhaustible and free of the negatives of nuclear power today. Many professional electricians in Los Angeles think the emergence of a working fusion power plant is expected to thrill the entire humanity and is expected massive influx of this technology to have revolutionized the production of clean, cheap and inexhaustible energy.