09 Aug 2012

eco-city-hamburgIt seems that the issue of clean and green energy is becoming more relevant every day. More products, vehicles, technology, homes and even cities are added to this growing field of alternative energy sources, ecological lifestyle and sustainable urbanism. As a shining example we can mention here the German city of Hamburg with its innovative design for eco-city – Hamburg. It is implemented in the region of Hamburg port in the administrative part Harburg, Hamburg (Harburg Harbor). Hamburg has long been renowned for its efforts in the field of ecology, but maybe this project has helped to be announced for the new European Green Capital for 2011, despite its highly developed engineering and heavy industry.

To convert Hamburg, one of the most industrialized cities in Germany, environmental capital of Europe, have come a long way and difficult road. Major step in this regard is the project of world-class eco-city (Eco City Hamburg-Harburg) near the port. It is just a few miles from the center of Hamburg and is easily accessible both by air and water, and road and rail. Moreover, with this project, the city is expected to combine industry, entertainment and recreation in a modern green design.

Known as the “German Venice”, the port city of Hamburg has long been developed beyond its maritime history. In recent years there has been reporting large commercial and residential growth. Do not forget that the city is an important industrial, scientific and cultural center. The Eco-City project offers multi-diversity to enrich, by setting new standards, for environmentally friendly constructions.

To show that our future world can be built with care for the environment, by providing a healthy and pleasant living environment of modern man, without stopping production, trade and technology development. Besides, on the contrary, they can be combined as they complement each other. Eco-city is the first of its kind an ambitious project for sustainable urban development, which offers a rich mix of classic industrial architecture, good resume port infrastructure and modern business architecture with the addition of technologies to generate energy from renewable sources.

This diversity has enriched the concepts of environmental planning and construction and shows the view of the designers on how a city can get a modern “super green package.”

The first indications of sustainable urban multi-layered development in Germany can be seen in the late 19th century right in the harbor area of Hamburg. Not accidentally Eco City Hamburg-Harburg is situated right here – for many years associated with the German enterprise and creativity.

Project alive and continues this tradition by offering new generations with space for business, but in a new, sustainable and inspiring way.