23 Nov 2012

Everyone loves to luxuriate in his or her plush swimming pool. Especially, when the weather conditions are cold, swimming in warm water is an experience in itself. The water can be heated with the aid of pool heat pumps. Pool water, if left stagnant for a long time, heat escapes from the water quickly as external temperature is low or freezing.

Heat pumps warm up the water in several ways. The water gets heated as it flows through the flow pipes. There are different kinds of pumps for heating pools. Let’s have a look at them.

Electric heat pumps are operated with the help of electricity. In simpler words, it is powered by electricity. The pump helps to move hot air in the direction of the water. Consequently, your swimming pool is heated up. These machines are available in the market at cost effective rates. Once the water is heated, you will enjoy the swim even if the temperature is cold. There are also gas pumps that are operated by gas. Either natural or propane gas is used for the purpose. If you are opting for natural gas to heat the pool, make sure that you purchase a proper unit.

If you have an average home, and a small sized pool, then an electric heat pump is ideal. It is also budget-friendly. Once the equipment is installed, it’s easy to pull power from grid. Thereafter, it can function as any normal appliance. On the other hand, if it’s a gas pump, you only need to buy the gas. The type of gas you buy will depend on the type of model you are using.

There is another option which is the solar pump. There is no necessity to spend anything extra after such equipment is installed. That’s solar pumps get the energy from the natural sunlight that freely occurs in nature.