25 Sep 2012

computerized homeInnovations are taking place in many sectors of the economy and the energy sector has not been left behind as a new computerized home has been designed to ensure that it generates the same energy as it puts to use. A new laboratory that is dedicated to research and innovation has been able to come up with a suburban home of four people that has the capacity to generate more energy as it can use.

The initial experiment took about a year before all this was unveiled and energy efficient technologies took a new direction in this case. The cost effective new design for energy efficient homes is set to be rolled out soon with a test in various states. This is set to reduce the overall energy consumption rate and save many families more in energy bills. The technology that has been employed in the making of this home is a unique one and the design is stylish.

This new facility has been design designed in such a way that it looks like and behaves like an actual house. Green Building council standards have been met while in the initial design of this home and that it complies with all other requirements that govern such constructions in the United States. The research was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment act of the year 2009 that called for real investment in green energy.

The main objective was to also ensure that US made green material was used in the entire project and this was made a success. The lab will be used for the first year in the process of demonstrating net-zero energy usage where many homeowners are likely to learn more about this new technology. It is with no doubt that this will be the next big thing in the energy industry.