07 Aug 2014

Tracking down sewer gas odor problems, we’ve found these common sources of sewer gas odors: Air conditioning and heating systems using air ducts and blower fans can pick up odors from one source and move them to another destination. In some cases local negative air pressure may also overcome normal drain pipe venting, especially if plumbing […]

28 Feb 2014

Some of the most common problems for homeowners are located right in the kitchen sink. It’s the most widely used plumbing fixture in your home.  When you have clogs, or leaks it can mean some major issues are developing with your plumbing.   However, most problems can be simple do-it-yourself projects, while others may require help […]

26 Feb 2014

Stopped or clogged sewer lines can make life extremely difficult in your home.  There’s many reasons for main line stoppage, like root growth from that wonderful tree in your yard.Your local Los Angeles plumbing experts at United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric say’s it can be abated with rodding.  But it cannot be stopped unless […]

23 Nov 2012

The pipelines, water taps, faucets and sinks will work smoothly only when if the tools used by the plumber are good. Quality equipment help in making the repair work faster and better. It is for this reason that United Plumbing Los Angeles experienced plumbers; always prefer tools that are easy to use and effective. Bad […]

15 Nov 2012

There are different types of plumbing companies. Some are reputed and some are not. If you have a leaking sink or tap in your house, it’s mandatory to hire an experienced worker. That’s because only an experienced person can give you quality service. There are several advantages of hiring an experienced professional from United Plumbing […]

07 Nov 2012

United Los Angeles Plumbers are certainly important people that can serve wide varieties of plumbing requirements. Whether it is a matter of installation of taps, or fixing any leaks in the cistern, it is the plumbers that can ideally cater of wide varieties of plumbing requirements. Therefore, as soon as, you face any plumbing issues […]