14 Aug 2012

Every homeowner is concerned on how best he or she can maintain a comfortable living room with air conditioners that are more efficient and energy conserving. This is to mean that selecting an appropriate air conditioner for most homeowners is a critical decision. We at United as professional Los Angeles electricians and air conditioning specialist […]

09 Aug 2012

It seems that the issue of clean and green energy is becoming more relevant every day. More products, vehicles, technology, homes and even cities are added to this growing field of alternative energy sources, ecological lifestyle and sustainable urbanism. As a shining example we can mention here the German city of Hamburg with its innovative […]

08 Aug 2012

Statistics indicate that an average home spends about $2200 every year on electricity related bills and almost half of this is as a result of heating and cooling. The good news is that homeowners can now save over $200 each year by making use of thermostats that are programmable and thereafter maintaining these settings. Make […]

08 Aug 2012

Many homeowners have been in search how they can be able to ensure that they efficiently heat water at home while maintaining low electric costs. Choosing the right water heater and the right los angeles electricians for your home can save you more than $30 each year on your water heating cost. Deciding to choose […]

08 Aug 2012

The first of its kind, supplied by a biomass cogeneration system of a new generation will start next year, thanks to a partnership between Nexterra, General Electric and the University of British Columbia (UBC). Bioenergy demonstration and research project will cover about 6% of total annual consumption of electricity and more than 25% of heat […]