02 Oct 2012

Efficient air conditioning is something that everyone is getting interested in nowadays because of the advocacy for green lifestyles. It is important homeowners learn to adjust to the local climate of a place and not rely on devices that are mainly powered by electricity. This is the greenest decision that many homeowners can be able […]

06 Sep 2012

Bio-Fireplaces are a modern and vastly growing product in Europe and around the world. This is owed not only to their efficiency, practicality and beautiful design, but also the fact that for its fuel is used and environmentally friendly product – denatured bioethanol, which is extremely efficient and cheap product. It is derived from cellulosic […]

31 Aug 2012

The use of solar energy to meet the energy goals of humanity has been known since antiquity. Unlike any other natural resource, the sun is the largest and at the same time 100% renewable resource for electricity generation on Earth. Worldwide operations of solar collectors are more popular and efficient. United Plumbing Heating Air & […]