15 Sep 2012

Stockholm environment Institute has been able to develop the LEAP software. This is a long range energy alternatives planning software that might become the most widely used for energy policy formulation. It can also be put to use when analyzing whether the energy policy that is in use and mitigation of climate change. The software […]

02 Sep 2012

Statistics have shown that a simple change in lifestyles in your home can really ensure that you save maximum on your home electricity usage. This will also ensure that your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions has been lowered. The campaign to help the nation reduce overdependence on non-renewable sources of energy is on and due […]

31 Aug 2012

The use of solar energy to meet the energy goals of humanity has been known since antiquity. Unlike any other natural resource, the sun is the largest and at the same time 100% renewable resource for electricity generation on Earth. Worldwide operations of solar collectors are more popular and efficient. United Plumbing Heating Air & […]