04 Oct 2012

With the progression of technology, electronic devices have received a great boom in the market. Most of the electronic devices operate on battery. Recently, researchers have discovered a chip that has been named as all weather chips. In fact, this chip has been designed so wonderfully that it is considered to be completely resistant to […]

26 Sep 2012

Research has indicated that there is enough wind that can be able to cover for the global energy demands that are being experienced at the moment. Turbines that have been installed in many parts of the country could even generate more if they are installed in a proper way. Research used both surface and atmospheric […]

25 Sep 2012

Researchers have been able to make thermoelectric material which is key in the process of converting waste heat to electricity. This could signify that there is a paradigm shift in the way things have been done for a while as inefficiency in energy usage is being faced out. The current thermoelectric materials have been found […]