02 Sep 2014

Our company offer best AC installation service and this will give a positive response on the work. Therefore, be sure and receive the best quality service from the company. AC needs proper maintenance, and it is important that households should hire Los Angeles electrician contractors who can provide quality service on AC installation. During the […]

11 Aug 2014

Los Angeles electrician: Wires running in walls anywhere from floor level to seven feet above the floor (U.S.) or five feet above the floor (Canada) must be protected from nails driven through walls.  the side of the nail-stop that will be in contact with the stud surface when it it tapped into place, providing 5 3/8″ […]

13 May 2014

According to a local electrician in Riverside at United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric, Heating elements are tightly wound coils of resistive wire mounted inside of an electric furnace cabinet. The heating elements in a furnace look very similar to the elements in a toaster or a hot plate, and they operate under the same […]

12 May 2014

There’s a line of portable electric heaters that can develop a short circuit and pose a fire hazard are among this years recalled consumer products. This local electrician in San Bernardino explains how. The Dyson Hot heaters and Dyson Hot+Cool heaters having model number AM04 and all Dyson Hot+Cool heaters with model number AM05. The […]

09 May 2014

We list these common electrical terms roughly in the order that they are observed, from the electrical utility company’s overhead wires and pole to the building receiving electrical power to its electrical panel, and in the panel to individual circuit breakers which provide power to and protect individual electrical circuits that distribute electrical power throughout […]

08 May 2014

Our technician reviewed the new Nest smoke detector, launched on Oct. 8 2013. For $129 each unit, you’d expect a pair of these alarms to make you a cup of coffee while protecting your family. Well, they don’t, and you can find other wireless, networked combination smoke-and-carbon-monoxide detectors on the market for as little less. […]

15 Apr 2014

Ventilation in bathrooms is important to prevent moisture damage to wall and ceiling surfaces, decay of wood trim, saturation of building insulation, and mold contamination, say our certified Long Beach Electricians. In Long Beach, bathrooms produce moisture, odors, and VOCs from aerosols and various personal hygiene products. Effective spot ventilation in these areas is critical […]

09 Apr 2014

Rust on steel service panel components is by far the most common observation, occurring in 110 (10%) of the installations examined by an electrician in Santa Monica. Rust on screw connectors on circuit breakers, and less often on fuse terminals, was also common, occurring in 97 cases, slightly less than 10% of the systems examined. […]

17 Mar 2014

Electricians in Los Angeles need to examine the meter and meter base and should take them into account when determining service ampacity. The elements to consider are:  – The size/rating of the service entrance conductors.  – The rating of the panel.  – The rating of the main breaker, if any.  – The rating of the […]