06 Sep 2012

modern bio fireplacesBio-Fireplaces are a modern and vastly growing product in Europe and around the world. This is owed not only to their efficiency, practicality and beautiful design, but also the fact that for its fuel is used and environmentally friendly product – denatured bioethanol, which is extremely efficient and cheap product. It is derived from cellulosic biomass, wheat, millet, corn and cane. It’s slow burning and low cost makes it extremely efficient in terms of family budget.

When bioethanol burns it does not release harmful gases, odors or smoke, but releases steam and carbon dioxide like all other fires – two natural substances that we breathe in and out constantly. The burning 33 oz. bioethanol releases carbon dioxide, equal to the amount released during the burning of two medium-sized candles.

In practice this means that the presence of a fireplace in a modern home is not always associated with additional costs, special equipment, heavy assembly, daily cleaning of dust and pollution. Rather, Bio-Fireplaces offer not only aesthetic s and enjoyment of the dancing lively flames of the fire, but to save funds for heating and electricity. The secret of the Bio-Fireplaces lies in the rapid rise in temperature.

Bio-Fireplace advantages are:

  • No chimney
  • Warms up quickly
  • Low cost and cheap fuel
  • No dust, smoke and ash
  • No greenhouse gases
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Without loss of heat due to chimney
  • You can insert or embed it anywhere
  • Good for the environment

Among the wide variety of models Bio-Fireplaces – in-wall, standing and or special design, all combining functionality and attractive shape, each customer could find the right one for a specific interior or an exterior option. The models are easy to maintain and require only an initial investment, while significantly reducing heating bills and electricity.