18 Aug 2012

green energy eco buildingsModern high-rise buildings are often perceived as an indicator and measure of economic prosperity of the city. The competition between different countries in possession of the tallest building in the world has long been in full swing, but in recent years has become more relevant and race to the environmental design and maximum energy efficiency.

It seems that the trend towards eco-design will evolve over the coming years. Projects for large residential, public and commercial buildings worldwide are competitive and subject to debate, only when they are made with thought for the environment.

Lighthouse Tower, according to which the project will be an international trade center in Dubai, plans to use four thousand (4000) photovoltaic panels on its south facade, which, in combination with three gigantic, 225-kilowatt wind turbines to provide electricity needed for normal operation. Water consumption in the building will be limited to 40%

The beautiful 68-story Burj alTaqa, Dubai is also very ambitious project, if realized; there is a chance to become the most environmentally friendly skyscraper in the world. On the roof is down 61-meter wind turbines to produce electricity and solar panels with a total area of 3.7 acre (15,000 Square meter) the building and connected to the sea water will replenish the cooling system and air conditioning.

There is an interesting solution to improve the environmental performance in the project of Waugh Thistleton Residential Tower in London. The problem with electricity is solved by using a specific style wind turbine. This is advanced technology designed primarily for use on roads where air flows generated by the movement of cars and trucks, are significant.

The four turbines attached to one wall of the tower will have the potential to generate 40,000 Kilo Watt per hour of electricity per year, more than 15% of the needs of the building.