27 Jul 2012

The studies of many economists and the environmental scientists are mentioning something not less than a grave concern for the American government and the air pollution problems in Southern California. This fact is pointing to the health costs of air pollution that is according to Call State Fullerton, an economist, is $22 billion. Jane V. Hall, a professor specializing in environmental economics with the co-authors Victor Brajer and Fred Lurmann as the article says have found that if the government would show any effort in preventing the depletion of ozone and fine particle pollution, it can really save its $22 billion.

The fact proposed by Jane V. Hall is that air pollution in South Coast and San Joaquin causes the 3800 premature death in a year.  The various researches of different researchers are ultimately proving that an attempt of the government to clean the air would have innumerable benefits for the society. In a more precise way, it says that cleaning the air would be a positive step in saving the lives of many people and according to some studies, we can save more lives than fact if we reduce the traffic deaths to zero.

The deaths caused by the pollution problems are more than double of that caused by road accidents. This is what explains the complexity of the air pollution problems in Southern California. A study done by Hewlett Foundation tries to figure out the average amount spent by every family due to their health problems arising from air pollution. According to this study, each family living in the South Coast air basin has to spend approximately $1250 on per person yearly. Jane V. Hall also said in the article that people now have more frequent non-fatal heart attacks than before while kids also become ill repeatedly.  The main issues are arising due to the Ozone depletion and the fine particle pollution that are constantly making human life as vulnerable.

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