10 Sep 2012

lg air conditioningWith the onset of summer heat, many people think about a nice cool room where they can hide from the sun. But not all engineering and design features of urban housing are able to create enough comfortable conditions for business or vacation. In this case, the rescue air conditioner is here. Consider one of the most interesting and popular models of the company LG Electronics – line air conditioners ART COOL Canvas, but precisely the model A12AW1.


For many of us unwittingly conditioning is associated with drawn out as something that resembles white “box” on the wall that is not characterized by elegance and its design fits only despondent office wall.

Series air conditioners ART COOL Canvas, from this perspective is unique. Front panel of the indoor unit is designed as a picture frame that lets you rotate images or put new photos.

The Dimensions of model A12AW1 are actually very unusual for wall air conditioners. This is probably the thinnest air conditioner in the world! So at first glance this looks like a conditioning element of the interior rather than modern equipment. Dimensions allow it to be mounted on any wall space and the ability to put your favorite picture or photo frame helps “mask” as a modern air conditioning framework.

 Functional Features and Options

No need to explain the basic function of the air conditioner, but anyway it is to maintain a comfortable room temperature. The model under consideration also features cooling and warming function. According to its characteristics ART COOL A12AW1 can effectively serve an area up to 540 square feet. But ART COOL line has more powerful models.

Some of the most interesting features are: first and most important feature is the presence of a new system for purging air NEO Plasma Plus. The peculiarity of this system is that for more efficiency there are multiple different types of filters that are used.

Besides quality filtration system, air conditioner ART COOL Canvas A12AW1 is equipped with anticorrosion coating Gold Fin. Useful and an eye-catching option, for some buyers will be the quick cooling mode, Jet Cool. Its special feature is that within 30 minutes a strong flow of air that cools the room temperature to 64 ° F. One of the additional features Chaos Swing, which allows you to mimic the natural air flow. In addition to everything listed as features of the model ART COOL Canvas A12AW1, there are couple that can distinguish those settings modes, such as “sleep mode” and “Automatic cleaning”.

Air conditioner LG ART COOL Canvas A12AW1 is a high-tech device, both functionally and aesthetically. This model will cope with its duties in the area of up to 540 square feet, but because of its unique ability to change the look, the unit will easily fit in with any decor.

Source : United Los Angeles Electricians