29 Aug 2012

cevisama ceramics trade show 2012For the 30th consecutive year Valencia brought the color of the ceramic industry and design. Titled CEVISAMA Home Exhibition, over 1,300 exhibitors from around the world offered to our attention their best, modern and innovative products designed not only for the bathroom, but the interior as a whole.

Particular attention is paid to the use of ceramics in architecture and layout of the surrounding area. Producers are committed to sustainable development through sustainable solutions, ventilated facades and smart buildings.

These eco-friendly products, along with advances in manufacturing create less impact on the environment, while helping to higher energy efficiency of housing. LifeKer from Keraben, a porcelain tile of Spain manufacturer, which includes advanced photo-catalytic functions and floor tiles that clean the air are just some examples.

CEVISAMA seeks to reveal all the trends for the future and modern designs in a wide range of products. Top trends will include the prosperous in digital printing, in which Spain is leading, thin tiles (minimum thickness of the tile, which makes them easy to install), large formats to cover walls and large open spaces, to preserve a sense of freedom, lighter, cleaner tiles and new applications of tiles on furniture, countertops, tables, benches, bookcases, shelves and more.

The aesthetic expression of the higher-end trend are natural, nature inspired designs of metal, wood, stone and minerals. Other key trends include tiles that mimic tissue with lighter volume of tiles. Also, seen at the CEVISAMA 2012 Home Exhibition, are the revivals of the classic designs of floor and wall tiles.

This style of design is characterized by large formats and high gloss; this trend will become a major force in the next few months. Imitations of old wallpaper are also very common for this years styles.